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When You Arrive In Australia – International Students

When You Arrive In Australia – International Students

As an international student arriving at an  Australian airport is the beginning of a new chapter in your academic and career journey.

Some of the first things you need to go through at the airport include going through immigration and also clearing customs.  

If you need any assistance with finding your way around the airport the airport, staff and border officers will be able to offer you the help you need.

On arrival, your travel documents will be checked by the clearance officer and once that is done, you can then proceed to collect your luggage. Then after that you need to clear customs and quarantine.

You can find more information or what to expect and all the processes involved through when you arrive at the airport on the Department of Home Affairs website

Tip – Have your accommodation details ready when you arrive.

It is important to note that your accommodation should already be arranged before you arrive in Australia.  

By the time you get to Australia, you should have your accommodation address ready and written in English so you can show this to the taxi driver or whoever is transporting you from the airport to your accommodation.  

If you will be picked up at the airport by someone from your institution then you should be taken directly to where you need to go.

Once you get to your accommodation and are settled in, take the opportunity to get familiar with your local area and the amenities available to you in the area.

It is important to note that your accommodation should already be arranged before you arrive in Australia.”

Orientation Week

Most institutions organise what is called an orientation week or O week for their new students.  

This will usually take place at the beginning of the school year and also during the week. During the orientation you get the opportunity to find out more about your institution,

You’ll also be able to take  a tour of the school facilities as well as meet new people including students and staff. You should be able to find more information about your institution’s orientation week on their website.

It is important to attend your institution’s orientation week  because this is often your first introduction to the school.

This is a good way to start learning about your academic environment and the start of your journey as an international student.

Don’t forget that if you need any further assistance or you have any questions after leaving the airport, you can contact your institution’s international sport office.  The contact details should be in your enrollment document .

If you have any questions about this topic or you need help with how you can study, live and work in Australia, you can book an appointment with us at YouEnrol.

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Open A Bank Account

If you have made arrangements to open a bank account before arriving. you should visit your nearest bank branch to finalise the process so you can be able to access your bank account.

If you have not opened a bank account, you should visit your nominated branch with the correct documents needed to open a bank account. This will usually include identification documents.

Apply For A Tax File Number

If you intend to work while you are studying in Australia, you will also need to get a Tax File Number. You can do this by applying for it with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

You might also need to provide your tax file number to your bank if necessary.

Get Your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHCcard

You will need to apply for your OSHC card and then activate it to get it ready for use. 

Once this is done, you will be sent some information about your insurance including policy conditions and other important information.

Contact Home

It is a good idea to contact your family back home to let them know that you have arrived and that you have settled into life in Australia.

This will go a long way in reassuring them that all is well at your end.

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