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Studying English In Australia

Studying English In Australia

There is more to studying in English in Australia than just learning the subject in a classroom. Learning English language in Australia focuses on the ability for critical thinking as well as taking part in and project work.

These are all based on real life experiences and means that you are not only learning the language, but you are also being introduced to how to use the language in everyday life.

Studying English in Australia provide you with valuable skills such as solving problems, leading diverse teams and applying your skills to real-life situations.  

You are able to do this in learning environments that are truly multicultural with students from diverse cultures learning in an international environment.

Studying English in Australia provide you with valuable skills such as problem-solving.

Types of English Courses

There are different English language courses in Australia that are suitable for different purposes. These are provided by English Language Testing organisations that are recognised in Australia and worldwide.

Here are the types of English language training in Australia:

General English

Your Goal – To improve general proficiency to access higher level courses; to improve your English for everyday use; to improve your English for travel; to improve your English for work purposes or to do casual work in an English speaking country.

General English courses will help you improve your English language skills that are used in real life situations.

You will learn how to interact with others and have conversations, which also helps you to integrate with your environment and culture.

Areas of focus in the course include grammar, vocabulary, critical thinking, speaking, listening and reading.

You will also gain English language skills that you can use in different scenarios.

The course covers learning the English language at different levels from beginner to advanced.

Course description – Focusing on communication skills with emphasis on speaking and listening

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Your Goal – You want to study in an Australian school, vocational college or university.

EAP courses serve to prepare international students by helping them to acquire the English language skills needed to study in the academic environment whether it be vocational or university studies.

This course also allows international students to meet the relevant academic requirements of their studies at different levels of qualifications.

The areas of learning for this course include grammar, research skills, critical thinking, web literacy, presentation skills, writing and reading,

EAP courses are not only for those who want to prepare for academic studies in higher institutions, but it is also for those that require a higher level of English language skills than that provided in General English courses.

Course description – Preparing you for study at an English-speaking university, higher education or vocational institute

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Your Goal – You want to learn the spoken and written English needed for a specific context and perhaps want to consider an internship

ESP courses provide the language skills needed to perform in different roles.

This requires a needs analysis to be done to determine the language skills needed by the student intending to do the ESP course.

In this course, the focus is specifically on teaching the students what they need to function and communicate effectively in their relevant roles.

Course description – Focusing on practical English for specific course areas such as business, aviation, tourism, law and science.

Examination Preparation

Your Goal – You plan to take an exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, or the Cambridge First Certificate.

The best way to prepare for an English language examination is to get familiar with the areas of study and do practice tests using the materials and resources available.

Course description – Preparing you for English language proficiency examinations

English for Teaching

Your Goal – You want to teach English in schools in your own country

The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

This is why there is a great demand for teachers of the language from many countries all over the world.

Courses in this area equip teachers with the skills needed to teach written and spoken English abroad.

Course description – These courses include TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, EfTC (English for Teaching Children.)

Study Tours

Your Goal – You want to have a short holiday, study English and have fun or study English and undertake work-related training.

There are a number of courses available that allow you to learn English to be able to travel around Australia.

Here you have the opportunity to study in intensive language classes as well as practice the language with your study tour group.

Course description – These courses are a combination of General English with sporting, social, tourist, cultural or professional training activities.

There are different English language courses in Australia that are suitable for different purposes.”

English Australia

This is the national governing body for English language for international education in Australia.  

There are over 100 member colleges under the organisation in Australia whose aim is to provide what is the English language courses to students and also Professionals from all around the world.

The objectives of English Australia are:

  • Delivering the highest quality English language programs;
  • Providing a range of support services for a secure learning environment; and
  • Assuring tuition protection for students of all visa types.

YouEnrol is also able to help and advise you further on steps you can take to achieve your study and career goals as an international student in Australia.

YouEnrol is also able to help and advise you further on steps you can take to achieve your study and career goals as an international student in Australia.

Do not hesitate to book an appointment with us for a free no obligation discussion where we help you to get started on your journey to studying in Australia the right way.

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