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How To Find International Student Accommodation In Australia

How To Find International Student Accommodation In Australia

Are you planning on moving to Australia for studies? You should start looking for student accommodation before arriving in Australia.  The best time to start doing this is once you have confirmed where you will be studying.

When looking for student accommodation in Australia you should look at the type of accommodation that best suits your needs and also falls within your budget.

It is also important to consider the safety and location of your student accommodation. This way, you will have peace of mind and be well prepared to focus on your studies.

Here are some useful tips to know when searching for accommodation:

  • There will be a variation between the cost and this depends on the location or state of your institution the city as well as a type of accommodation.
  • Make sure to take note of the total cost of accommodation which includes other expenses that you might have to pay such as bond and utility fees.
  • Take note of the distance of the location of the accommodation to your institution so that you can confirm how long it would take you to get from there to your school as well as how easily accessible your school is by public transport such as train or bus.
  • Look for the local amenities within the area of your accommodation such as shopping centres transportation emergency services and other amenities located in the area.

In this post we look at the types of student accommodation available for international students in Australia.

Tip – Start looking for accommodation before arriving in Australia.

This is the type of accommodation you might want to take into consideration when you first arrive in Australia.

This might be a good temporary option for accommodation in the meantime pending when you find something more permanent and suitable.  Examples of short term accommodations are:

  • Hostels and discounted rates on hotels.
  • Temporary housing which may be offered through your institution while you get settled. Talk to your institution’s international support staff or check their website for details.


You have an options to either rent and accommodation by yourself or to share with friends.  You would usually do this with the assistance of a real estate agent or it can be organised privately.

Renting and accommodation means you will need to pay what is called a bond which is a security deposit and the amount usually covers a period of 4 week.s. You might also need to pay rent in advance also usually for 4 weeks.

The bond is used to pay for any repair or damage that you or any of your flatmates have caused to the property.

Be careful of this because if this happens in means you will forfeit your bond and not be able to pay me back at the end of your tenancy.

You can get more information about tenancy and your rights and obligations in this area from your local Fair Trading agency.

On-Campus Accommodation

This is often a great option for accommodation because it drastically reduces your travel time from your accommodation to your school because it is located on campus.  

Most universities provide on campus accommodation and also sometimes included with furnishings and all the amenities.

It is a good idea to be aware of the accommodation options available in general and also the costs associated with it.


Under the homestay arrangement, you get to live with a family in their own home.  

This is often a good option for students that are of a younger age because it creates an environment similar to living with their own families.  Most homestays come with meals and cleaning included.

Be rest assured that families that provide homestay to international students have gone through a thorough screening  process to make sure that the students are protected and that the families are able to offer is suitable accommodation for international students.

Legal Protection

As an international student, you have certain responsibilities and rights arising from your accommodation arrangements.  

Your responsibilities include paying your accommodation expenses in a timely manner as well as keeping your accommodation clean.  You have a right to feel safe and protected in your accommodation and access to working facilities.

If you have any questions or issues in this are, you should contact the support staff in charge of international students in your higher institution.

There are also some organisations that are specifically set up to provide advice and assistance when it comes to renting accommodation.  

These are organisations such as Tenants Union and Consumer Advocates. you can find out more about them from your State’s Fair Trading agency.

YouEnrol is also able to help and advise you further on steps you can take to achieve your study and career goals as an international student in Australia.

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