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Hi Booky Adelaja here,

It started off as a dream.

After three years of talking about starting a YouTube channel, I have decided the right time is now.

My dream was and still is to have a channel where I will be creating videos consistently whilst engaging with my viewers and more importantly delivering value to them. I just needed to push myself into action and realign my mindset.

So I motivated myself enough to create a YouTube channel in 2016, but that was it. I had a YouTube channel but it was empty for three years, just there.

During this time I did attempt to record some videos for the channel but it just did not come together. The vision, motivation and right perspective were missing.

So after such a long journey of learning and growing in so many ways, about three weeks ago, I finally did it! I actually started recording and publishing videos to my YouTube channel.


The YouEnrol channel is dedicated to providing all the information you need about studying, living and working in Australia for free! My mission is for the channel to be a go-to destination for all things relating to studying, living and working in Australia without you having to pay costly consultant fees no matter where you are in the world.

My vision for YouEnrol is to EDUCATE, INFORM and INSPIRE.


As some of you might know, my background is in law. I am a qualified lawyer admitted to practice in Nigeria and Australia. Over the past 12 years, I’ve gained experience and developed skills in the areas of corporate law, media & technology law and of course migration law.

Although I worked in corporate law for many years, working as a Knowledge Consultant and Conflicts Analyst with King & Wood Mallesons, a multinational law firm and one of the Big Six leading Australian law firms, my passion was in the areas of immigration, career development, life coaching, motivation, entrepreneurship and other related areas.

I especially found fulfilment in being able to help people with the information they need to take the next steps when it comes to going to another country to study, work or live there. Australian immigration was of course the right fit for me because I have lived in the country for the past 13 years and I am also a citizen.

When it comes to the topic of how to study, live or work in Australia, there is a lot of information out there but you can easily get lost in the fact-finding process. This is why I intend to use my skills and experience to help you navigate these issues especially through the medium of video.

So why video? I have found that when compared to written content, people find it easier to visualise with video content and it’s a better form of information consumption. Also, I personally enjoy the video recording and editing experience.


The videos on the YouEnrol channel are for you. They are about you – your career, studies and life development. I want to create videos that would help you achieve your goals in life and open your mind to the possibilities that exist for you to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality.

The videos are for you if you want to know all about:

  • Studying in Australia
  • Working in Australia
  • Living in Australia
  • Investing in Australia
  • Doing business in Australia
  • Visiting Australia

From time to time, I will also be adding other countries such as New Zealand and Canada into the mix.


Please feel free to watch the videos on the channel as well as help me SPREAD THE WORD TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE all over the world. Most of us know at least one person that needs this information. The information is not only out there, it is on the YouEnrol YouTube channel FOR FREE!

Visit the channel here >>>

And don’t forget to

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  • Click the notification bell icon to find out when new videos are published on the channel.

Videos Are Released Daily!

Also feel free to ask your questions and leave your comments or suggestions in the comments section below each video.

Remember all our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them 🙂


YouEnrol is also able to help you further on steps you can take to achieve your study and career goals as an international student in Australia.

Do not hesitate to book an appointment with us for a free no obligation discussion where we help you to get started on your journey to studying in Australia the right way.

Request A Free, No Obligation Consultation

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YouEnrol is a unique consulting service that offers a single touch point when it comes to studying, living and working in Australia. We are a one-stop independent service provider providing a range of solutions to prospective international students and their families.