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A Guide For Nepalese International Students In Australia

A Guide For Nepalese International Students In Australia

Studying in Australia can be a wonderful experience for international students.  However you can also be challenging especially for sitting stuck on for non English speaking countries.

They may find it challenging to adapt to the language and even the culture because of the language barrier.  

For this reason, put together a guide for students from these backgrounds and cultures that covers areas such as culture food lifestyle religion and supports to help them to settle into their study and work journey in Australia.

According to the Australian Department of Education and Training, Nepal has the third largest student population in Australia behind China and India. This puts it ahead of countries such as Malaysia and Brazil. 

It also means that students from Nepal now make up 6% or about 50,000 of international students in Australia.  This also represents a 52% increase from 2017. (Source – Australian Department of Education and Training).

It is also interesting to note that a large part of that percentage is made up of Nepalese students between the ages of 20-24 years old.

As the number of Nepalese students in Australia continues to increase, this has also led to an increase in the number of Nepalese speaking Australians. 

This strong Nepalese presence can easily be seen as you make your way through some Sydney suburbs such as Auburn and Rockdale.

In the same vein, you will also find that a majority of Nepalese are found in the state of New South Wales as compared to the other states and territories.

It is important to note that the Australian government has recently made available some scholarships for international students who are willing to study in regional areas as part of its population policy.

Some of the reasons why Nepalese students love to study in Australia are

  • Education quality
  • Great opportunities to find work after the course completion
  • World class quality English as a Second Language (ESL) courses
  • Access to quality Information and Communication Technology courses

Tip – Apply for more than one scholarship.

As an international student from Nepal, you can satisfy your cravings for food from home easily in Australia.

You will find different dishes from Nepal such as gorkhali lamb, sel roti or chicken momos available in different of Australia.

Some of the places to try cuisine from Nepal are the Nepal Dining Room in Melbourne,and if you’re in Sydney you can try The Muglan and Hamro Aangan.

For Brisbane you can check out Himalayan Café and Kathmandu Newa Chhe’n, if you are in Adelaide, visit the Gurkha’s Restaurant and Namaste.

Perth – Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant and Café or Summit Nepalese. Hobart – Danphe Restaurant or Kathmandu Cuisine.

If you’re studying in Canberra, check out Origin Nepal or Chomolungma Cuisine and for students studying in Darwin, pay a visit to Spice of Himalaya or Kebab and Momo House.

As an international student from Nepal, you can satisfy your cravings for food from home easily in Australia.


The major religion of Nepal is  Hinduism. This is also the fifth most popular religion in Australia.  

There are Hindu temples in the various capital cities in Australia. You will also find more information about religious events and festivals from the Nepalese Hindu Society of Australia.

Cultural Support

There are many options and available places that provide the necessary cultural support from international students from Nepal studying in Australia.

Some important associations to notes are – the Nepalese Australian Association and Non-residents Nepali Association.  

You will find branches of these associations in the different states and cities across Australia.

Other organisations to be aware of are the Nepalese community in Sydney, Nepalese Association of Victoria, Nepalese Association of Queensland, Nepali Association of Western Australia and Australian Nepal Friendship Society Canberra.

You should also ask your higher institution for more information about these organisations or any of the associations that might provide you with the necessary support you need as a Nepalese international student in Australia.


The main language spoken in Nepal in Nepali.  This is spoken by about 12 million people as their mother tongue office language.  

Other languages spoken in Nepal are Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu and Tamang.

According to the 2016 Australian census over 62000 Australian speak the Nepali language at home.  

In addition, close to 2000 respondents speak other Nepali dialect such as Maithili and Bhojpuri.

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