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A Guide For Brazilian International Students In Australia

A Guide For Brazilian International Students In Australia

Studying in Australia can be a wonderful experience for international students.  However you can also be challenging especially for sitting stuck on for non English speaking countries.

They may find it challenging to adapt to the language and even the culture because of the language barrier.  

For this reason, put together a guide for students from these backgrounds and cultures that covers areas such as culture food lifestyle religion and supports to help them to settle into their study and work journey in Australia.

According to the Australian Department of Education and Training Brazil has the fifth highest number of international students in Australia.

With over 23000 students coming over to Australia to study.  This means that 4% of Australia’s international student population come from Brazil.

There are also some good reasons why Brazilian students are drawn to come and study in Australia.

Although the two countries are separated geographically, they share very similar weather. This is why Australia feels like a home away from home to a lot of Brazilian students.

This is also why you find that Brazilian international students are very keen to integrate with the Australian culture and why taking English courses is a popular choice with them.

It is also the reason why Brazil is the only non-Asian country in the top 5 list of countries where international students in Australia come from.

Australia has a lot of options for Brazilian food.

If you’re longing for some Brazilian food don’t worry Australia has a lot of options to offer in this area that is Brazilian cuisine.

Some popular Brazilian restaurants in Australia are braza, Cafecito and Ovo Café.

In Melbourne, you find popular Brazilian restaurants such as B’cos and B’Churrasco.  Most popular capital cities in Australia have places that offer Brazilian food.

In Brisbane, you will find restaurants such as Navala and O Brasileiro, Adelaide – oB’Churrasco and Tchê Brazilian BBQ, Perth – Lapa and Comida do Sul food truck.

The popular choice for Brazilian cuisine in Australia are Brazilian style BBQ. You will find these in places such as The Cav in Darwin or Charcoal Restaurant Steakhouse in Canberra.

If you are living in Hobart, don’t worry you are not left out. Places such as The Little Brazilian bakery have a range that will satisfy your brigadeiro cravings.

You also have an option to order your favorite açaí or guaraná from Brazilian Style Import Outlets.

“IThe popular choice for Brazilian cuisine in Australia are Brazilian style BBQ.


Brazil is a very religious country.  Many of the population are Catholics and they have the lightest  Catholic population in the world.

Australia as compared to Brazil is not as religious with over 30% of the population saying they did not follow any religion according to the 2060 census.

Despite these general statistice, there are so many places of worships that Brazilians attend all around the cities and towns in Australia.

Cultural Support

According to a 2015 report from ABRISA, about 14,508 Brazilian currently live in Australia.  A large part of that population live in New South Wales. 

The rising number of the Brazilian population in Australia as led to the establishment of a number of support groups and associations around Australia.  

These include the Brazilian Community Council of Australia (BRACCA) and the Brazilian Association for Social Development and Integration in Australia (ABRISA).

As an international student from Brazil, if you need support you can contact the Brazilian Student Association or find out more information from your higher institution about Brazilian student societies.


The official language of Brazil is Portuguese and it is spoken by a wide range of the population.  

There are also some indigenous languages spoken in the country. Language forms one of the strongest elements of Brazil’s unity and national identity.

It is important to clarify a general misconception about the Portuguese language spoken by Brazilians and by people from Portugal.  

Even though it is the same language, there are distinct differences between the grammar, the vocabulary, the accent and the form the speech of Portuguese spoken by Brazilians and Portuguese spoken by people from Portugal.

There is also some variation in the use of personal nouns, pronouns and verb conjugations.  

Although these variations in the dialect are increasingly decreasing, it is important to take note of and also be able to appreciate and understand the language and culture of Brazil.

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